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Startar: 10/11 00:00

Slutar: 10/11 00:30

Ticket release!

The world's best biathletes will gather in Östersund to compete for the last valuable points in the overall World Cup. Secure your place in the stands today by buying a ticket or a 3-day pass.

During the last season, Östersund was able to host the biathlon world cup at the turn of November-December. Despite cold winds and dark evenings, the world elite received a warm welcome from packed stands almost every day.

This year, in the 2022-2023 season, the schedule looks a little different. This winter, Östersund will host the World Cup in March, during the local population's sports holiday. This naturally creates conditions for even more biathlon fans to be able to visit the competitions.

Option to book lunch in advance

New for this year is the barbecue buffet that World Cup visitors can pre-book as lunch already now. With a pre-booked lunch, you have a guaranteed place in the audience tent until the first start of the day. For those who do not pre-book lunch, there are of course other ways to get food and drink, but no other solution guarantees a seated place. If this sounds interesting, it is possible to add a lunch in the last step of the booking.

Buy your ticket to the World Cup as early as November 12. You can find more information and ticket prices via the link below.