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On this page we have gathered important information you might find useful while you are visiting the competitions in Östersund.
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Arena map

Follow the link to see a bigger picture and explanation.  

Map, Swedish National Biathlon Arena.  

Visit Östersund

Östersund offers a range of activities and tourist attractions. You find the local Tourist Office, Visit Östersund, in the central parts of Östersund at Rådhusgatan 44. Their opening hours are 11 am – 5 pm weekdays. You can also reach them by or +46 63-701 17 00.


Commercial advertising in the form of banners, flags and similar are not permitted in the spectator areas. These will be removed if necessary.


Cameras may be brought into the area for private use. However, flashes may not be aimed at the athletes.


FM radio receivers may be taken into the area. Radio transmitters must have a special permit from the World Cup organizers.


Dogs are welcome to the Biathlon party but only in the track areas and not on the stands. Dogs must be on leash during your visit.

Emergency evacuation

In case of an emergency evacuation, spectators are to follow the officials’ instructions, which will lead them to a safe area.

First aid

In case of emergency call 112.
Please note, doctors and first aiders are on site at the arena. Contact an official if you need help.


Parking will be available close to the arena but it only has a limited amount of spots so we recommend walking, biking, taking the bus to the stadium if possible. Parking fee.

Prohibited items in the arena*

» Alcohol
» Flammable liquids
» Flash cameras
» Pets are not permitted on the stands. Visitors with pets may stand in the course area
» Pyrotechnic ordinance such as fireworks and Bengal lights.
» Radio transmitter (Baby watchers, walkie talkies etc)
» Umbrellas
» Weapons
*checks are performed at the entrance

Spectator etiquette

It is traditional practice that all athletes’ performances are shown appreciation, regardless of nationality and result.
It is forbidden to behave in a disruptive manner. Spectators may not provide athletes with information or any advantages compared to the other

Sweden – laws & good to know

» Alcohol (high procent and wine) can only be purchased at Systembolaget.
» Car driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal and punishable.
» Possession and use of drugs is prohibited.
» Purchasing of sex is illegal and punishable. In case of suspicion inform the Police at 11414