Team Sweden Press conferance

Pichler is hoping for one medal but wants two…

Despite the Olympic medal rain and a lot of great results in PyeongChang last winter the Swedish head coach Wolfgang Pichler keep the expectations low for the start of the World Championships on Thursday afternoon.
– The goal is one medal, says Pichler. But if we get two I’m pleased…
At the Olympic games in South Korea last year the Swedish team suprised the biathlon world with two golds and two silvers, which gave the team a push into the spotlight. Which showed when the team met with media during Wednesday afternoon, one day before the competitions starts.
– Wow, said Pichler when he looked out over the crowd of press, your usually not this many… 

Wolfgang Pichler, who does his last big Championships as a Swedish head coach, arrives with a team that’s full of enthusiasm and optimism about the home Championships.
– We have had the preparations we wanted; we choose to skip the World Cup in North America and trained instead, we competed succesfully at the European Championships and have thereafter had a great precamp in Idre. We have done all we could for a successful Östersund, says Pichler.
And the goal?
– One medal.
That sounds little, thinking of how it went in South Korea?
– I understand the question… it was clever, haha. But okey, if we take two I’m satiesfied! In this sport you can do a great performance but still end up outside the podium. 

Wolfgang Pichler also presented the Swedish biathletes competing in the first three competitions:
Thursday, Mixed Relay: Linn Persson, Hanna Öberg, Jesper Nelin och Sebastian Samuelsson.

# Friday, Sprint Women: Linn Persson, Hanna Öberg, Mona Brorsson och Anna Magnusson.

# Saturday, Sprint Men: Jesper Nelin, Sebastian Samuelsson, Peppe Femling och Fredrik Lindström.

Text: Agne Svärd
Photo: Lars Eklund