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Meet marketing manager Lisa Engman

Lisa Engmand, Patrik Jemteborn & Marianne Tharaldsson Sponsors, tickets, entertainment and marketing. There’s quite a bit that needs to be planned and working before it’s time for WCH 2019, one of tho

Together to limit climate impact

Mot klimatsmartare VM2019 Jämtland county will host both the biathlon and the alpine world championships in 2019. In addition to competitions and festivities the 2019 World Ch

Dahlmeier Tops Windy 15K

Topp tre, Damernas Distans 2016-11-30 Foto: Thord Eric Nilsson Germany’s Laura Dahlmeier won yesterday's 15K individual in 46:14, with two penalties. France’s Anais Bescond challenged Dahlmeier for the win, b