Sami day at the WCH venue

Östersund is the only WCH-city situated within Sápmi, the sami’s original land. Sápmi is not only a geographical area, but also a cultural and linguistical bond. Today, the 14:th of March, Biathlon Events AB together with Gaaltije are arranging Sami Day.

Lisa Engman is Head of Marketing at WCH, and talks about the importance of having a sami touch on the championship:
– Due to Östersund being situated in Sápmi, we of course want to acknowledge this during the WCH. So far we’ve had some Sápmi influences during the event, for example the clothing collection made by Staare 2019. We are proud to be a part of Sápmi and therefore want to acknowledge this, especially today.

During the entirety of WCH there will be a sami market situated within the venue, which offers unique Sápmi products. Crafts, silver, books, sami food and interior design is available for purchase. The market is held within three big sami huts and the present businesses have come here from basically the entire Swedish part of Sápmi. Adding to that, there will be sami medal-presenters every night at the medal ceremony, at Medal Plaza.

– We want to help put a Sápmi touch on the competitions and show the audience and the competing athletes that come here what Sápmi is. We do so through all these things, from food to culture to crafts, says Erika Unnes, Project Manager at Gaaltije.

Today, during Sami day, anyone who wears the sami garment Gapta gets free entry to Grandstand A, lower. Adding to that, sami children will be handing out flowers and award baskets to the winners during the flower ceremony. After that there will be a gathered line, led by reindeer, walking from the venue to the Medal Plaza for the medal ceremony.

Photo: Robert Rydén Fogelberg