Meet accommodation manager Jessica: “We have a lot of accommodation options available!”

Competitors, media, sponsors and fans will all need somewhere to stay during the IBU World Championships Biathlon in Östersund. Jessica Thylin at Visit Östersund is responsible for handling accommodation during the WCH:s and she works hard to provide visitors with housing.

What do you do as the accommodation manager in the WCH-organisation?

My role is to make sure that the teams, media and sponsors will have somewhere to stay during the championship. The goal is to be able to offer them accommodation that fulfill their requests the best we can.

What is the most fun part with being the accommodation manager for the championships?

The most fun part is the puzzling and to find solutions that leads to a reservation. Of course it is also fun and valuable to stay in close touch with everyone, the renters and hotel staff as well as the teams, media, sponsors and spectators.

What is the biggest challenge with being the accommodation manager?

The main challenge is the limited amount of accommodation in Östersund. Fortunately, we have received many private accommodation options that complement the 800 hotel rooms available in Östersund. If you really want to stay at a hotel, there are rooms available in towns around the region such as Åre, Bräcke and Stenstavik.

It is less than 150 days left to the WCH, how does it look with accommodation right now?

Today, we have a lot of accommodation options available, but we do not know how much more we will need when the big crowd start to contacts us.


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