Take the train to Östersund and the IBU World Championships Biathlon!

We are happy to announce that our national partner, the train company SJ, have released this winter season’s train tickets. Meaning that it is now possible to book your train ticket to the IBU World Championships Biathlon in Östersund in March!

– We see ourselves as a natural part of the IBU World Championships Biathlon, both because of our investment in the region Jämtland Härjedalen but also considering the big interest in travel to Östersund and Åre where we can contribute with a sustainable way of travel, says Mazdak Mozakka, responsible for SJ’s activities at the World Championships.

The trains operate from cities all over Sweden with several daily departures and also night trains from Stockholm and Gothenburg. Wherever you are travelling from, the train is a comfortable and environmentally friendly choice that is energy efficient and causes low emissions.

– To travel with SJ covers many sustainability aspects. Firstly, the transport is operated with renewable energy and is the cleanest possible that we can offer. From a social point of view, the train ride will let you meet like-minded people who also love biathlon. Lastly, you will arrive well rested which will make the experience at the National Biathlon Arena the best possible. SJ enables the IBU World Championships Biathlon to exceed all expectations and be worth its weight in gold for everyone, says Sara Nordstrand and Ulf von Sydow. Both Sustainability inspirers in the WCH-organisation.

Mini-train from the city center to the arena

The train station in Östersund is located only a short walk from the city center where there will be free shuttle buses to and from the arena. A SJ-mini train, similar to an amusement park train, will operate continuously between the city center and the ski stadium.

– We are very happy that SJ have choosen to contribute with such a fun and valuable transport between the city center and the arena. To me, this is a good example of how a partner can help us to create a better experience for the visitors by increasing the accessibility and contribute to an extraordinary experience, says Joakim Samuelsson, Visitor- and sponsor manager for the IBU World Championships Biathlon 2019.

Book your train ride with SJ at 2019ostersund.se/en – get 10% off

As part of our sustainability work, SJ and the IBU World Championships-organisation offer 10% off on your train ticket when booking through our website, at our page “Travel”. See you in Östersund!