Hello Birger – the WCH mascot

Storsjöodjuret, the lake monster, lives in Östersund and is strongly associated with the city. His son, Birger, will be the mascot of the IBU World Championships Biathlon 2019. We met up with Birger to talk about his role as mascot.

Who are you Birger, and what is your connection to Östersund?

I’m a small lake monster. I live deep down in lake Storsjön together with my dad and my friend Yellow fish. The lake monsters have lived here for hundreds of years. Maybe thousands. I’m not very good at counting. My mom and my little sister Harriet live in another lake, in another country called Scotland. Mom and dad are not living together. Lake monsters don’t do that, it wouldn’t be enough space for everyone. Sometimes I go up on land even though my dad don’t think I should. I like strolling around in Östersund and meet people. You can do whatever you want!

How do you feel about being the mascot of the World Championships?

I’m very proud! I’m the first lake monster to be a mascot. Mom is very jealous, but dad is happy. He wouldn’t want to be a mascot.

What do you look forward to the most at the World Championships?

To meet a lot of children and adults from all over the world – and to hug. I love to hug people!

What do you think about the Swedish team’s chances in the World Championships?

The Swedish team will of course win everything, or they will just have fun. To have fun is the most important thing, cake is the second most important thing. I love cake!

Birger is available for purchase in our fanshop.