VM Café july 2018

Tasteful, Swedish and sustainable, with influences from the wider biathlon world

This is how you could summarise the thoughts of the World Championships’ chef, Jonas Landmark, who presented samples from the VIP menu for the Biathlon World Championships in Östersund, at the VM-café during Storsjöyran festival week.

A world-class biathlon experience should please every sense. At a world championships, this also means hard work for those tasked with serving all the food and drink to be enjoyed by visitors to the world championship city of Östersund.The World Championships Arena has two VIP restaurants:VIP Arctura Platina Lounge and VIP WCR Lounge 2019. The presented tasters were for the latter one.

VIP WCR Lounge 2019 is located right by the finish, with a view of the shooting range and space for more than 500 guests each day. During the World Championships it will be run by OSD.They did the same thing during the 2017 World Cup and wanted to continue, so OSD are now preparing staff for the World Championships Week.
The Lounge will be the natural place for businesses to hold customer meetings and staff events.Guests from all around the world will meet here, while enjoying a first-class buffet in a heated, exclusive environment along with customers, employees, family and friends.

The target is for 80% of the food to be produced and processed in Sverige

It’s here, in the social atmosphere of the VIP WCR 2019 Lounge, that we will find head chef Jonas Landmark.At the VM-café, he presented some modern and local tapas,including flatbread crisps with Kalix roe and an air-dried elk heart.There was also Huså bread with parsnip crème and a salt and sugar-cured char.For vegetables, there was a maize salad with charred reindeer steak, a crème of rowan capers and a little root vegetable müesli.The final culinary experience was a vegetarian chili with bean salsa and root vegetable crisps.Every day, in addition to these masterpieces, there will be delicious salads and hot dishes on a buffet with something for everyone. Every day!

The wine family

During the VM-café, OSD’s managing director, Martin Sahlberg, presented the official World Championships’ wine, which will be served with the food.Apart from for those who prefer beer or water, of course.The requirement was that the wine should match Jonas’ food, every day of the week, should be good value and also organically produced. Martin presented not just one wine, but four!
– Well, with that challenge we couldn’t take just anything – but I like challenges.This one took us to Australia and a producer that dates back to 1847. A classic but modern wine producer:Jacob’s Creek, said Martin Sahlberg.

The white wine is an organic Chardonnay.This means there are no additives in the wine and that the vineyards are also organically run.
– We feel that Chardonnay is the grape that best suits the flavours, Swedish flavours, that Jonas presented us with, said Martin Sahlberg.

The red wine is a combination of the Shiraz and Cabernet grapes and is a reserve.This means that it has been aged and is from a specific year.Sahlberg also said that Shiraz Cabernet is a good mix for the VIP food.Not too heavy and not too light.

The final variety is Jacob’s Creek’s organic but alcohol-free option, in both red and white, which will also be among the four official World Championships’ wines.

See World Championships’ TV’s film of the wine tasting: 

Guarantee your VIP experience on the day you want to soak up the World Championships’ atmosphere

Find information about tickets for the VIP WCR 2019 Lounge here.
Throughout the day and its races, you have access to Stand B, a few metres from the warmth of the VIP area and just behind lane 1.

Even now, we can say that some days are obviously more popular than others,particularly the weekends.So, to guarantee you will experience the World Championships on the days that you want, it’s a good idea to book soon!

Food is part of the overall experience

Closer to the event, we will present more of our overall food concept, including the VIP Arctura Platina Lounge, the Après Ski tent and our dynamic food court.

Along with our friends in the mountains, who are hosting the Alpine World Championships, Åre 2019, we have a unique cooperation with the Federation of Swedish Farmers.

Our shared aims for our 2019 World Championships include:

  • All food served during the events must, at a minimum, comply with Swedish legislation for animal husbandry, food production and environmental objectives.
  • At least 80% of the food must be produced and processed in Sverige
  • Local and regional food will be used and publicised as much as possible.
  • The environmental footprint of production, processing, distribution and packaging must be as small as possible.
  • Clarify and publicise the exceptional value of Swedish food production.