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3 tips for finding accommodation

Many of us want to experience the World Championships live, but finding a place to stay in Östersund during that period is not the easiest. Knowing where to look and being open for something other than the regular hotels in central Östersund gives you more opportunities though. Or what about a hotel stay in Åre with the opportunity to combine a alpine holiday with world class biathlon? A cosy stay at a bed and breakfast just a few miles from Östersund? Or perhaps a whole house for yourself for a couple of days? We have listed our three best tips on where to start looking in the search for your accommodation!

Private accommodation in Östersund

Do you want to get the most out of your visit and keep a close distance to the arena and the festivities? Perhaps finding something among the private accommodation that’s out for rent is the best solution for you. Through Visit Östersund you can rent apartment, house or a room in a house for yourself and your company. The list with persons who want to put their property out for rent is constantly updated, so in case you don’t find what you’re looking for right now it might turn up next time you take a look. You find a list of private rentals here.

Experience more of Östersund – stay in the surrounding communities

Look outside the city center and all of a sudden there’s plenty of more opportunities. Bring the kids and stay at playful hotel in Åre, experience the life on a farm only 10 km outside of Östersund or rent a cottage at one of the camping grounds in the area. Besides the playful Holiday Club, with adventure pool and sauna world, the alpine village of Åre have many more accommodation alternatives. Only one hour away and with good commutes to Östersund. On their sites both SkiStar and VisitÅre list different accommodation possibilities in Åre. If you rather bring your own home and look for a place to park your mobile home, Visit Östersund have a list of winter camping grounds here. They also have a great list of alternative accommodation outside of Östersund, which you’ll find here.

All in one

Does accommodation, ticket and travel all in one sound tempting? Find package deals and get help to put together your trip to Östersund with BiathlonTravel. Read more at www.biathlontravel.de
There’s also several bus tour operators starting in Sweden or Norway with the World Championships as it’s final destination. Learn more about their package deals on their websites:

-> Björk & Boström Sportresor www.bjorkobostrom.se
-> Robert Jönssons Omnibusstrafik www.jonssonsbuss.se
-> Sven Carlsson Trafik AB www.carlssonstrafik.se

-> Berg Skysstasjon www.skysstasjon.no
-> Kjetils bussreiser www.kjetilsbussreiser.no
-> Peer Gynt Tours www.peergynt.com
-> Sponsor Compagniet AS www.sponsorcompagniet.no
-> Stegande Sport www.steganesport.no

Bonus tips – personal connections

Perhaps you might know someone that lives in Östersund? Or who knows someone who lives in Östersund? Just like when you’re looking for a job, personal connections is always helpful. Many might not rent out their whole house, but they have a given spot left for an old friend or a friend of a friend. So reach out to your friends and family and make the World Championships an excuse to spend time with new and old acquaintances!

Getting to Östersund?
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